Collection: Ontario's Niagara Peninsula Wines

Top Quality Icewine from Niagara Falls Ontario

Situated between 41º and 44º North Latitude, the province of Ontario has three wine regions: Niagara Peninsula, Erie North Shore and Price Edward County. Ontario wines are great expression of cool climate wines. 

The Niagara Peninsula region is the largest wine region in Canada. The region has unique terroir for growing grapes like Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir. The rich mineral soils and the unique microclimate have enabled Niagara wineries to produce the great Ontario wines and Icewines. 

Exclusive Range of Ontario Niagara Wines

Ontario is renowned for its Vidal Icewine, a dessert wine of white wines. Vidal Ice Wine is Niagara's gift to wine lovers all over the world. Vidal Icewine grapes are harvested at -10ºC in the Niagara Peninsula in the cold Canadian Ontario winter. The frozen grapes are then gently pressed, fermented and then aged to produce these premium Canadian icewines. 

Have a taste of Niagara Falls, a taste of Ontario from a bottle of WasaRidge Vidal Icewine. Cheers!